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Board of Education meets for September session


The Board of Education met this Monday night for their monthly session where they recognized Essence McNair, a student at Elizabethtown Middle, for winning third place in this years annual NC Dept of School Bus Transportation's statewide poster contest.  The board also recognized several Career and Technical Education teachers for teaching C.T.E. classes that earned 77% or higher proficiency in their courses.  Cedric Mathis (for his Core Sustainable Construction and Carpentry 1 classes at East Bladen), Mitchell Newkirk (for his Core Sustainable Construction, Masonry 1, and Masonry 2 classes at East Bladen), Patti Nance (for her Nursing Fundamentals class at East Bladen), Glenda Matthis (for her Apparel 2 Enterprise and Parenting and Child Development classes at East Bladen), Gail Marsh (for her Foods 1 class at West Bladen), and Dana Mills (for her Horticulture 2 class at West Bladen) were all recognized for this achievement.
Chris Denny, the pastor of Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church, addressed the board next and presented a PowerPoint presentation that outlined the work of the Bladen Mission Project, a group of teenagers and young adults that participated in several mission projects in the community, that helped build wheel chair ramps, helped at local nursing centers, helped host art and music camps in Clarkton and Elizabethtown, painted parking lots, and did a lot of cleaning work at Clarkton School of Discovery and East Bladen High School.  The group was recognized and given a certificate from the board thanking them for all of their hard work on the schools.  The group consisted of people from Clarkton Baptist Church, Elizabethtown Baptist Church, Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church, Clarkton Presbyterian Church and Wesley Chapel Church, but the group would like to expand to include other churches in the community as they grow.  Campbell Oil and Anderson's Drug Store helped fund the projects and the group would like to enlist other interested businesses in the future in addition to other churches.  To see pictures taken while the group was at work, go to instagram.com and look through the #BladenMission2K14 tag.
Following the above recognitions and a closed session to discuss personnel and legal matters, Sharon Penny, Finance Director, presented a financial summary for informational purposes. Willa Dean Williams, Director of the Career and Technical Education Department, and Donna Campbell, C.T.E. Instructional Management Systems Coordinator, addressed the board next and gave an update on the C.T.E. Department and their latest testing information.  Campbell also presented a PowerPoint presentation which outlined WorkKeys testing.  Dr. Reida Roberts, Director of Exceptional Children's Services, presented the handbook for Homebound services for information only, and Tanya Head,  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, presented the end of the year results for the Read to Achieve Program.
The Paul R. Brown Academy in Elizabethtown has requested that the board donate the old Extended Hope property to them, and the board discussed legal issues surrounding it and the possibility of offering a long-term lease for a dollar per month instead.  The board will readdress the issue at a future meeting.  
Addendum Action Item List A, Action Item B Salary Change, and Action Item C New Hire were all approved as recommended by Patricia Faulk, Personnel Director.  Two fundraiser requests and two Overnight Field Requests as recommended by Robert Heavenridge, School Support Services Coordinator, were also approved.  A new position in the Child Nutrition Department as recommended by Amy Stanley, Child Nutrition Director, and D.P.I. was approved.  The position will be filled from within and will act as a supervisor to help at all of the county's schools. A Title 2 Portion Consolidated Plan and four school advisory councils were also approved.
Robert Taylor, Superintendent, reminded the board of the moment of silence that will be held on September 11 in remembrance, upcoming School Board Association meetings and conferences, and reminded them that June Atkinson, State Superintendent of Public Schools, will be coming to visit the schools soon.  The county may be eligible for a grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation which was briefly discussed as well as enrollment numbers in the high schools and possible action towards addressing the County Commissioners concerning new school construction.  Following all of the above, the board proceeded to adjourn for the evening.



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