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My Turn

Another month has come and gone....and we are at the midway point of the year...
I continue to be amazed and thankful for the support we are receiving and have received from Bladen County area residents.  We hear it daily, 'the first thing I do when I get up, or when I arrive at the work place, is to check BladenOnline'. Even if I am having a bad day...It's an uplifting experience....'Thank You' is not just two over used words...It comes from the heart...
We had another good month....I am provided an 8 page report on the previous month, each month...breaking down the numbers.  99.78% of our readers are local or by networks, educational or governmental organizations...1.25% fall in that category and The remaining 0.22% are shared by readers in numerous countries around the world. The latest update listed 29 countries.
I wonder who they are...Are they service personnel in countries like Ukraine, Russia, Poland or is it governments, education folks, locals or travelers who may be visiting in a foreign country....like Romania,Germany, Italy, India, South Africa, Australia or Moldova?
We had nearly 5 million hits in June....very good for June...and no second primary elections...
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