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Bladen County Sheriff's Department Crime Report: Sept. 22-28

   The following arrests were filed by the Bladen County Sheriff's Department from Monday, Sept. 22 through Sunday, Sept. 28. The people listed have not been convicted of the charges and are presumed innocent. Failure to appear charges are not listed.

Monday, Sept. 22
    Fredy Martinez Lopez, 33: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Dasia Shantel Leach, 26: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
    Bianca Lashea Bowen, 23: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
    Amber Shanice Barrett, 21: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
Tuesday, Sept. 23
    Michael Preston Smith, 27: Possession of firearm by felon (felony)
    Morris Wendell Connor, 50: Larceny (felony)
    Hazel Jamessa Renee Leach, 21: Injury to personal property (misdemeanor)
    Desiman Tyrell Wright, 24: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
    Bobby Lee Johnson, 23: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
Wednesday, Sept. 24
    David Wilson Gilchrist, 20: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
    Carlton Smith, 47: Assault on a female (misdemeanor)
    Brian Dean Autry, 30: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
Thursday, Sept. 25
    Randy O'dell Richard, 34: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Kelly Eugene Guyton, 37: Violate domestic violence protection order (misdemeanor)
    Charles Kevin Shipman, 35: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Jeffrey Lawrence Tittle, 28: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
    Chris Clyde Russ, 24: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
Friday, Sept. 26
    Cooper Lee Davis, 29: Manufacturing cocaine (felony)
    Thomas Michael Faircloth, 41: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Megan Briania Miller, 37: Financial card theft (felony)
Saturday, Sept. 27
    Satrell Denesha Murchison, 24: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
Sunday, Sept. 28
    Tera Renee Thomas, 30: Second degree trespass (misdemeanor)
    Jacqueline Nicole Newborn, 23: Possess stolen automobile (felony)
   The following victims of larceny, breaking and entering, assaults and property reports were filed by the Bladen County Sheriff's Department from Monday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 21. Only the address of the incident is listed on Bladen Online.

Monday, Sept. 22
    Breaking and/or entering: 2491 Burney Road, White Oak
    Breaking and/or entering: 232 J.R. Britt Road, Bladenboro
    Larceny of a trailer: 1449 Bladen Union Church Road, St. Pauls
    Financial card forgery: 1275 Bladen Union Church Road, St. Pauls
    Breaking and/or entering: 438 Greens Dairy Road, Kelly
    Trespassing: 50 Holly Britt Court, Bladenboro
    Larceny of fuel: 301 Mercer Mill Road, Elizabethtown
    Larceny: 2605 Sweet Home Church Road, Elizabethtown
    Injury to personal property: 58 Evers Road, Bladenboro
    Larceny: 931 Tobermory Road, Fayetteville
Tuesday, Sept. 23
    Trespass: 1092 Wade Smith Road, Garland
    Simple assault: 106 Courthouse Drive, Elizabethtown
    Larceny: 175 Third Street, Dublin
    Larceny of cattle shocker: 1168 Gum Shaw Road, White Oak
    Larceny: 549 NC 410, Dublin
    Property damage: 594 Burney Road, Bladenboro
    Larceny: 187 McAdam Drive, Elizabethtown
    Assault by pointing a gun: 19996 NC 410, Bladenboro
Wednesday, Sept. 24
    Property damage: 1210 North Main Street, Bladenboro
    Simple assault-assault with a deadly weapon: 202 Avenue Avenue, White Oak
Thursday, Sept. 25
    Assault on a female: 28 Rackleys Place, Elizabethtown
    Larceny: 78 Holiness Church Drive, Bladenboro
    Property damage: 7460 Albert Street, Dublin
Friday, Sept. 26
    Arson of motor vehicle: 95 John T. Council Cemetery Lane, White Oak
    Larceny of dirt bike: 4006 NC 11, Kelly
    Break or enter a motor vehicle: 47 Third Street, Dublin
    Larceny of jacket: 1600 NC 410, Bladenboro
    Larceny: 12625 Rosindale Road, Lake Waccamaw
    Trespassing: 10283 South W.R. Latham Street, Clarkton
    Larceny of motor vehicle: 909 Moultrie Lane, Elizabethtown
Saturday, Sept. 27
    Larceny of motor vehicle: 220 Irene Drive, Clarkton
    Break or enter a motor vehicle: 14661 NC 87 West, Tar Heel
    Larceny: 122 J.J. Bordeaux Road, Elizabethtown
Sunday, Sept. 28
    Robbery with a dangerous weapon: 9068 NC 41 West, Bladenboro
    Assault on a female: 19159 NC 410, Bladenboro
    Assault on a female: 17815 NC 53 East, Kelly


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