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Bladen County Sheriff's Department Crime Report: Sept. 1-7

The following arrests were filed by the Bladen County Sheriff's Department from Monday, Sept. 1 through Sunday, Sept. 7. The people listed have not been convicted of the charges and are presumed innocent. Failure to appear charges are not listed.

Monday, Sept. 1
    Jason Alexander Hall, 39: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Michael Dwayne Wix, 26: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
    Lester Lynn Rich, 39: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
    Angela Ann Spell, 30: Cyber stalking (misdemeanor)
    Willie Jean Burney Teel, 61: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
Tuesday, Sept. 2
    James Correia, 32: Defrauding drug alcohol screen (misdemeanor)
    Magellan Antonio Williams, 51: Worthless check (misdemeanor)
    Jerald Andrew Lesane, 22: Threatening phone call (misdemeanor)
Wednesday, Sept. 3
    Terry Ray Wright, 51: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
    Jennifer Edwards Shaw, 34: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Jeffrey Edward Smith, 36: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
    Arielle Williams, 23: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
Thursday, Sept. 4
    Broadus James Johnson, 42: Probation violaton out of county (misdemeanor)
    Robert Andrew Munn, 30: Assault on a female (misdemeanor)
    Dustin Brent Hair, 20: Simple assault-free text (misdemeanor)
Friday, Sept. 5
    Crystal Victoria Hester, 32: Manufacture methamphetamine (felony)
    Joshua Hardison Britt, 29: Manufacture methamphetamine (felony)
    Sandie Shaw Britt, 31: Manufacture methamphetamine (felony)
    Jeremy Columbus Britt, 35: Manufacture methamphetamine (felony)
    Mack Daniel Denkins, 56: Worthless check (felony)
    Samuel Lance Dowless, 21: Larceny of a firearm (felony)
    Tonia Marie Gordon, 36: Simple assault (misdemeanor)
Saturday, Sept. 6
    James Gayston Hall, 55: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
    Thomas Javie Kinlaw, 47: Civil contempt-child support (misdemeanor)
    Dustin Brent Hair, 20: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
    David Brent Hair, 49: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
    Keith Allen Ludlum, 42: Second degree trespass (misdemeanor)
Sunday, Sept. 7
    Brandy Anne Hobbs, 22: Assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor)
    John Thurston Dale, 31: Assault on a female (misdemeanor)
    Kevin Russell Wilmot: Assault on a female (misdemeanor)
    Dustin Brent Hair, 20: Communicating threats (misdemeanor)
    David Brent Hair, 49: Second degree trespass (misdemeanor)
The following victims of larceny, breaking and entering, assaults and property reports were filed by the Bladen County Sheriff's Department from Monday, Sept. 1 through Sunday, Sept. 7. Only the address of the incident is listed on Bladen Online.

Monday, Sept. 1
    Break or enter a motor vehicle: 1308 Mercer Mill Road, Elizabethtown
    Breaking and/or entering: 1137 Bladenboro Airport Road, Bladenboro
    Simple assault: 178 Butters Loop Road, Bladenboro
    Property damage: 292 Ben Greene Industrial Park Road, Elizabethtown
    Simple assault: 1 Carter Road/East Arcadia Road, Riegelwood
Tuesday, Sept. 2
    Breaking and/or entering: 2660 North Elwell Ferry Road, Kelly
    Break or enter a motor vehicle: 1863 Tobermory Road, St. Pauls
Wednesday, Sept. 3
    Larceny of state property: 106 East Broad Street, Elizabethtown
    Larceny of free text: 8538 NC 131, Bladenboro
    Attempted breaking and entering: 5510 Chickenfoot Road, St. Pauls
    Larceny: 5460 NC 87 East, Clarkton
    Simple assault-free text: 10898 South College Street, Clarkton
Thursday, Sept. 4
    Fraud: 180 Booker T. Washington School Road, Clarkton
    Simple assault: 2073 US 701 North, Elizabethtown
    Injury to personal property: 2491 Burney Road, White Oak
    Assault on a female: 84 Heritage Trail, Bladenboro
    Financial card forgery: 433 West Green Street, Clarkton
    Breaking and/or entering: 1158 Burney Road, Bladenboro
Friday, Sept. 5
    Property damage: 1126 North Elwell Ferry Road, Kelly
    Larceny of canine: 2073 US 701 North, Elizabethtown
    Breaking and/or entering: 4678 Lisbon Road, Clarkton
    Property damage: 5748 Burney Road, White Oak
Saturday, Sept. 6
    Assault with deadly weapon intent to kill inflicting serious injury: 2201 Johnsontown Road, Elizabethtown
    Property damage: 1496 Gibson Dairy Road/Mercer Mill Brown Marsh Road, Elizabethtown
    Assault with a deadly weapon: 2087 Center Road, Bladenboro
    Breaking and/or entering: 7048 Albert Street, Dublin
    Breaking and/or entering: 6202 Old Fayetteville Road, Garland
    Larceny: 15855 NC 87 West, Tar Heel
    Property damage: 21332 NC 87 East, Riegelwood
    Simple assault: 111 Scrub Oak Road, Elizabethtown
    Simple assault: 2089 US 701 North, Elizabethtown
    Assault on a female: 417 Mayesville Lane, Tar Heel
Sunday, Sept. 7
    Injury to personal property: 349 Morgan Wood Estates Drive, Elizabethtown


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