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Elf Angels and Jingling Bells

Tis the season to do good things for others and to Pay It Forward en masse. That is just what happened at McDuffie Pest Control this holiday season. When Dana McDuffie was approached by her employees, who wanted to 'get her something nice for Christmas' this year, she had an awesome idea.  She asked the employees to donate the money they would have spent on a gift to help the needy families in our own community, and she matched the funds raised dollar for dollar.  Basically she was saying, why not give it to someone you don't know and may never meet?

Every year we see and hear about the noble and compassionate efforts put forth by the churches in the area, the Angel Trees we are free to pluck an unnamed child from, and the fund raisers that are aimed at relieving the suffering of the less fortunate. But my guess is that we all know someone who needs something but doesn't fall into the cross-hairs of any agency that might help them.

Enter... the Elf Angels.

McDuffie told her employees about Ms. Debbie Heustess and the unsung heroism displayed by the Bladen County community. Ms. _ (as she prefers to be called) is one of many local citizens who wish to do good deeds for others without their left hand knowing what their right hand is doing. If you sympathize with that sentiment, you are not alone. The employees at McDuffie's jumped at the chance to be a part of that. I don't want to rob anyone of an anonymous blessing here, but I can tell you from personal experience, people in this community do nice things for other people all the time. This is a very loving place.

So I called Ms._ and she told me a thing or two. These folks she calls the Elf Angels are just locals like you and me. They are people who hear about the misfortune of someone else and feel compelled to be of assistance without being praised for it. I'm talking about altruism. They take note of it when life deals a harsh blow to a good person, and they remember that person at Christmas time. 

This is more than 'just for children' in its scope. Do you know anyone whose grown children have come back to the nest with offspring? Do you know anyone that is still struggling with the job market since the 'economic downturn' of 2008? Has anyone you know suffered a house fire? Yes, there is a way to remember those individuals when taking stock of the year that you have just enjoyed. Again, enter... the Elf Angels.

Elf Angels sponsor events throughout the year to raise the funds needed to reach out to the community at this time of year. Not to be politically incorrect, but Christmas time is the time of year that christians usually choose to express their gratitude to God for His unmatchable gift. The Elf Angels sponsored a bake sale this year, as well a Halloween party, and have received many gifts of clothing, toys, and money. Ms._ asked me to include in this article, her heart-felt gratitude to those who contributed and those who 'shopped till they were ready to drop' to make this year's effort a success, (special thanks go out to Jennifer Byrd).  

This year has seen no less than 60 families, in this community, benefit from the efforts of those who don't seek praise, but wish to do good work. Yes, all the goods and funds raised through this effort go to Bladen County families. The Elf Angels buy clothes, warm coats, shoes and socks, school uniforms, and whatever the situation calls for when a need presents itself. You may contribute to this worthy cause by contacting McDuffie Pest Control at, 910-862-3635, because they know the Head Elf Angle's number. 

May you all have a joyous and blessed holiday season.


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