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The Lake Church to hold first service Easter Sunday

   Dublin First Baptist Church has had the vision to expand its reach for about 10 years. Easter Sunday, Rev. Cameron McGill will see the church's vision become a reality.

   The Lake Church will hold its first service at 8:32 a.m. at the Venue at Regal Resort at White Lake. "The reason for starting the service at 8:32 is because of John 8:32, which says, 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,'" McGill said. "We wanted folks to understand that it was going to be a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church."

   McGill will lead worship services at both the Lake Church and Dublin First Baptist on Sunday mornings.

   "In essence, it's a second campus of Dublin First Baptist Church," McGill said. "Through the years, the Lord has blessed us, and we've done some different things, but we kind of came to point that we needed to be a little more intentional in trying to reach people who aren't going to church. What better way than to go where they are?"

   The new church has three target groups in the White Lake area, says McGill. Full-time residents within a 10 mile radius, people who regularly spend time at White Lake during the summer, and folks who may vacation at White Lake for one week a year.

   Another group is those who are "de-churched," McGill said. "There's a new term that I've learned. It's called de-churched. I've heard un-churched. That's people who don't go to church. But de-churched is folks that once went to church that maybe had a bad experience or whatever, and they no longer go to church. Those are the folks who seem to be asking the most questions.

   "We want it to be very clear that this is not a place that we're going to try to start and take people from other churches," McGill said. "We're not saying, 'Hey, if you're not happy at your church, why don't you come try ours.' That's not our intent at all."

   Church members have been working on starting the Lake Church for about a year.

   "The vision for it actually began about 10 years ago," McGill said. "There was not a place that would work. We knew there was a need in that area. We announced it to (Dublin First Baptist) church (members) last summer, and the church voted to approve."

   For more information about the church, visit www.whitelakechurch.org

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