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What is Revaluation?
Bladen County property owners will soon be receiving revaluation notices.  It happens every 8 years and some ask why?
The short answer is, it's the law.
The primary purpose of a revaluation is to provide equalization among all classes of property.
Revaluations are not conducted to increase revenues for local governments.  The revaluation is concerned only with real property.  State law requires that revaluations be conducted at least once every eight years.  Bladen County's last revaluation was effective 2007.
The process has been ongoing for over a year.  A representative of the Bladen County Appraisal Department has visited your property to verify certain physical characteristics to assist the county in estimating the fair market value of your property for the Bladen County revaluation, as require by NORTH CAROLINA LAW (N.C.G.S. 105-286.
The text of this article is a copy of the Visitation List that was left at your property if no one was home, or was delivered to the property owner at the time of the visit.
The appeal process will begin after the new values have been mailed to property owners.  The first step it to contact the Bladen County Appraisal Department, if you are not satisfied, the next step is a meeting with the Board of Equalization and Review (Board of Commissioners in Bladen County) and if you carry to appeal further, you may make an appointment with the North Carolina Property Tax Commission.
The Property Tax Commission is a 5 member board, three of whom are appointed by the Governor and 2 by the General Assembly. The main objective of the Commission is to hear and render decisions based on property tax issues between the county or municipality and the taxpayer.  The hearing is very similar to a trial court without a jury. 
The 2015-16 Bladen County budget, that must be approved by July 1, 2015, will be based on the total value of all property in the county.


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